Pim's Organics

Welcome to Pim’s Organics

Pim's Organics; grown with Love and Nature's way.

"Healthy soil makes a healthy country"

We are an Australian Certified Organic Farm located in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains. We grow a variety of organically certified produce, including Strawberries, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Custard Apples and Avocado's. Our products are sold through organic wholesalers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

After growing strawberries using conventional methods at our previous farm, we were often concerned what the effects of chemicals may have on not only our own health, but also the health of our customers. We then decided that there has to be a better way of growing things.

We then purchased some new land and decided that we will grow everything using organic principles. We have been growing all of our produce certified organic for approximately 10 years.

We employ a mixture of local labour and WWOOFER's.

WWOOFER's are backpackers from around the world. They bring us many interesting stories and are always keen to help us pick and pack our products.